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Mr Dodds regularly treats trauma injuries as part of his NHS role. He has extensive Trauma experience, having worked as part of the trauma response team at London's designated major trauma centre St Marys. He also holds an MSc in Trauma Surgery. The MSc had a focus on the pathophysiology and current best management of trauma. The final part of the MSc was a dissertation for which Mr Dodds performed a systematic review on the optimum management and long term outcome of treatment of high energy fractures of the knee (proximal tibial plateau).

Mr Dodds sees patients in his NHS fracture clinic who have suffered a recent trauma injury such as

  • Hip, Femoral shaft and Periprosthetic fractures

  • Soft Tissue Knee Injuries

  • Knee Fractures and those involving Knee Replacements

  • Tibial fractures

  • Upper limb fractures

  • Foot and Ankle fractures


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Alexander Dodds Orthopaedic Surgeon Gloucestershire, Knee and Hip Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon